Q. How deep?
A. Distinctive recommends a minimum depth for reach-in wardrobes of 600mm overall (including doors).
To achieve less contact between sliding doors and hanging clothes, specify 650 – 700mm deep where possible. Other linen or storage closets can be reduced to as little as 400mm deep overall (including doors) but are usually 550 – 600mm deep. Internal depth = overall depth -85mm (standard track width). Standard shelving 450mm deep approx. Some clearance is recommended between shelves and tracks to avoid storage items snagging on doors.

Q. How high?
A. Refer ‘Doors Options’ (page 3) for available heights on different doors. For higher ceilings, pelmets can be bigger or alternatively robes/closets can have a top in them often at 2.46m H (with optional 40mm H decorative Capping Mould on top).

Q. How many doors?
A. 2 doors allows almost 50% access (at a time) and can be used on robes/closets from 1.1 – 2.4m wide 3 doors allows only approx. 30% access (at a time) and can be used on robes/closets from 1.8 – 3.6m wide (normally only used for robes/closets over 2.4m wide).
Distinctive recommends 4 doors as opposed to 3 doors for better access especially on Master Bedroom wardrobes. 4 doors allows almost 50% access (at a time) and can be used on robes/closets from 2.4 – 4.8m wide. Remember, if there are existing interiors that will remain, be sure to order correct number of doors for best access to the existing layout.

Q. New construction opening preparation methods...?
A. Distinctive recommends leaving ‘robe openings full height and full width (ie. don’t create a bulkhead and nibs) to maximize access to storage space. See diagram p.13. Ask a member of the team at Distinctive for advice on methods for preparation of openings.

Q. Before or after carpet?
A. Distinctive recommends installation of wardrobe/closet doors and interiors before carpet when possible. (This simply means installation of ‘robes/closets is a little easier and neater.)

Q. The walk-in is odd shape...?
A. Simply send us a floor plan diagram with dimensions of walls, and mark on it what you would like and where. Distinctive can give you any feedback or advice we have about your layout or we can suggest an effective design.

Q. The existing door opening is only 2.040m high...?
A. Ideally ‘robe opening could be enlarged. Alternatively Distinctive offers 2 options: you can have a full depth (447mm deep) top shelf at approx. 1.7m H, but this will not allow you to have any double hanging. The other option is to raise the top shelf to 2m H and reduce it to 250mm deep (to allow access to it). See diagrams p.13.

Q. The door opening is not full width...?
A. Ideally the ‘robe opening could be enlarged. Distinctive will modify layouts as needed to make your wardrobe work well with the existing opening. See examples ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ on p.13.

Q. There’s fancy cornice...?
A. For bigger cornices, pelmets can be bigger, or alternatively robes/closets can stop short of the ceiling (see 2nd question above - ‘How high?’).

Q. Walls and/or floor out of plumb/level...?
A. Distinctive has solutions for out of plumb/level walls and floors to enable a quality installation and ensure doors sit well adjusted and aligned.(The deviations from plumb and level must be marked on Measure Form).

Q. Can cornice be added?
A. Pelmets come large enough to suit a 90mm cornice (for a larger pelmet, cornice size must be noted in space provided on Measure Form).

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